What is forced placed?

Answer Forced Placed insurance is the coverage obtained by your Lienholder when you fail to comply with the insurance required by your agreed finance note. Forced Placed coverage will not provide you with... Read More »

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If you are forced to give up your parental rights in the state of Illinois can you be forced to pay child support?

Answer In most cases the court has the power to permanently terminate parental rights but require the parent(s) to pay all or partial support of the minor child/children. Cases are adjudicated on a... Read More »

Since forced healthcare should be unconstitutional, than why is forced automobile insurance considered okay?

When are you liberals going to come up with a new argument? This one has been beat to death.You are not required to have automobile insurance. You are, however, required to show financial responsib... Read More »

Why do people deny forced adoption happens SABAH ALIYAH HUSSAIN x forced adoption?

I lost my son to a government forced adoption ten years ago. I was desperately reaching out for help with an illness . I was told I would get help with my disorder and instead they took my son. The... Read More »

What is a forced DBA?

This is a database system that has been auto parameterized to prevent recompilation. In a server environment, this is sometimes necessary when database recompilations are especially high. Forced DB... Read More »