What is for dinner tonight at your place?

Answer I am having broiled Chicken Breast, steamed Asparagus, a garden salad with vinaigrette dressing and some garlic to join me...

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What would I be having for dinner tonight if I turned up at your place in NZ?

It is going to be a weird one tonight, some beef mince stew with an assortment of veggies with some Taco Bell Sauce and a pile of mashe potatoes, followed by som fruit loaf with Marmalde or honey, ... Read More »

What are you having for your dinner tonight?

Liver, bacon & onions, mashed potatoes, cabbage and carrots.

Who cooked your dinner tonight?

My dinner wasn't cooked.I had almond stuffed green olives, some flattened - everything bagels, and some tomato juice..

Whats for dinner at your house tonight?

had bacon and eggs had visitors over this afternoon so wasn't real hungryhugs n kisses