What is food manufacturing?

Answer Virtually all foods in the grocery store have been prepared, packaged and shipped all across the country for consumption. The process of preparing and packaging food is called food manufacturing. F... Read More »

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Food Manufacturing Laws?

There are a very large number of laws governing the manufacturing of foods in the United Sates. Food manufactures are subject to laws governing animal slaughter, pesticide use, safe food handling, ... Read More »

Food Manufacturing Supervisor Careers?

Supervisors in the food manufacturing industries can look forward to being in demand due to the constant need to produce food products for a growing and increasingly diverse population. The U.S. po... Read More »

Food Manufacturing Sales Careers?

People in the manufacturing food sales field are an important part of the food manufacturing industry. They take what farmers and producers make and go on the front line to customers. There, they h... Read More »

In food manufacturing what infectious diseases need to be reported and to whom?

Should people with diseases caused by their own lifestyle be treated at a high of cost to taxpayers?