What is food labeled florentine prepared with?

Answer In the culinary world, dishes that are "Florentine" generally include spinach and a type of cream sauce. The word invokes Florence, Italy. It is said the wife of King Henry II of France introduced ... Read More »

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When losing weight, it is better to eat food prepared from scratch or food that is store bought?

It is better to eat food that you have cooked from scratch as you would know exactly what has gone into it . Store bought food is usually processed and full of additives and preservatives and have ... Read More »

If a food is labeled"organic"is it free from pesticides?

Organic food does not contain pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, irradiation or bioengineering, according to United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) rules. However, organic food may not alwa... Read More »

How is greek food prepared?

Many recipes remain the same as during ancient Greek times. The regional products available have influenced Greek cuisine and its preparation.Mediterranean CookingThe Greek diet relies on local ing... Read More »

How is freeze dried food prepared?

The basic principle of freeze drying food is to remove all water from the product. The process does not affect the composition or structure of the product, which is rehydrated before using.Freezing... Read More »