What is foam rubber gasket material?

Answer Foam gasket material is a flexible, easy-bonding material that can be formed to fit any gasket. The sponge rubber or plastic foam material acts as an insulator and flame retardant.Source:Rubber Pla... Read More »

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What is foam rubber?

Foam rubber is a lightweight, porous material created by mixing gas with liquid rubber and then curing it. The material can be densely rigid or soft and flexible. Foam rubber can be created from b... Read More »

What is foam rubber used for?

Foam rubber is used in a multiple range of products, including furniture, automobile parts, insulation paneling and sporting equipment.FurnitureFoam rubber is best known as the upholstery material ... Read More »

Is rubber a conducting material?

Rubber is not a conducting material. It is a dielectric or nonconductor of electricity, making it a good insulator that is physically stable and resists breaking down when subjected to high voltage... Read More »

What Are the Material Properties of Rubber?

Natural rubber is made of sap from a wild rubber tree. Tapping the rubber tree allows the white sap, called latex, to drip out. Adding acid to the latex allows it to form a jelly. Workers spread th... Read More »