What is a foam cup made of?

Answer Though often called Styrofoam cups, foam cups are made of polystyrene. This chemical compound also is found in everyday items like restaurant to-go boxes, disposable plates and cups and egg cartons... Read More »

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What is gym pit foam made of?

Gym pit foam is constructed from combustion-modified prime polyurethane. Various grades of prime polyurethane blocks--which vary in both durability and level of flammability--are available from ven... Read More »

What is polyurethane foam made of?

Polyurethane foam varies in its chemical makeup. Polyurethane, though, is always a polymer, combining many chemically identical monomers. It forms following the reaction of two reagents. One is alw... Read More »

What is RC foam aircraft made of?

Solid core foam or veneered foam called Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) makes up the flexible parts of the radio controlled foam aircraft--like wings--while expanded polypropylene (EPP) forms the sturdi... Read More »

What are foam egg mattresses made of?

Foam "egg crate" style mattress toppers, which add extra cushioning, insulation or support, may be made of either closed or open cell foam. Higher-quality foam egg crate mattress pads are typically... Read More »