What is fluorocarbon fishing line?

Answer Fluorocarbon fishing line is a polymer product that is designed to resist corrosion from insect repellent, gas or battery acid and sun damage. It does not absorb water and stretch like nylon and is... Read More »

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How strong is fluorocarbon fishing line?

Depending on which brand you buy, flourocarbon fishing line can handle both saltwater and freshwater fish that weigh up to 20 pounds. While the line can hold a fish that's a few more pounds heavier... Read More »

How do i condition a fluorocarbon fishing line?

Applying line conditioner when spooling your lineUsing a silicone spray, apply eight to 10 sprays to a piece of synthetic cloth. Once your fluorocarbon line is connected to your spool, wrap a damp ... Read More »

How good is yo-zuri hybrid fluorocarbon fishing line?

On One Hand: It's a Quality BrandThe Yo-Zuri hybrid fluorocarbon fishing line is one of the better hybrid lines on the market. The 12 lb. Yo-Zuri test line is pretty tough, offering the strength a... Read More »

Does fluorocarbon fishing line show up in a black light?

Though fluorocarbon fishing line and fluorescent fishing line sound similar, they're very different. Fluorescent fishing lines contain fluorescent pigments that glow brightly when subjected to the ... Read More »