What is fluke disease?

Answer Fluke disease is caused by parasitic flatworms of the same name. There are different types of fluke diseases, along with an array of symptoms. However, you can easily prevent these diseases by ensu... Read More »

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How to Rig a Fluke?

A fluke is a soft-bodied, plastic lure that resembles a shad bait fish. Available in a crayon box of solid colors, in two-tones and with glitter and scent, flukes are very effective lures for catch... Read More »

How to Use Fluke 87?

The Fluke 87 True RMS Multimeter is a portable multimeter that can measure frequencies between 0.5 HZ and 200 KHz. Although understanding the readings of any multimeter requires a degree of knowled... Read More »

What does a fluke eat?

Flukes, also called flounders, eat crustaceans such as shrimp, fish, aquatic worms and crabs. They change color to blend into their environment and ambush their prey. Fluke are a kind of flatfish.S... Read More »

How to Use the Fluke 78 Meter?

Maintenance problems with an automobile often take place within the electrical system. The electrical system has many components---switches, relays, fuses, connectors and wiring---and sometimes the... Read More »