What is semolina flour made from?

Answer Semolina flour is made from a section of the durum wheat plant known as the endosperm. In durum wheat, this endosperm is known as semolina. Millers process the endosperm, or semolina, of the durum ... Read More »

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How is rice flour made?

Rice flour is made by grinding clean, dry grains of rice into a fine powder. Rice flour makes a good substitute for traditional flour for people with wheat intolerance.Selecting RiceRice flour can ... Read More »

Can bread be made with just soy flour?

On One Hand: It's theoretically possibleAccording to professional chef Dave Coffman, any bread can be made with any kind of flour if your get your ingredient mixtures just right. This includes soy ... Read More »

Biscuits Made With Oat Flour?

For baked goods, oat flour is a heart-healthy substitute for traditional wheat flour. Some brands of oat flour are gluten-free and can be used in recipes for those with celiac disease or gluten int... Read More »

What is spelt flour made from?

Spelt flour is made from kernels of the grain of the spelt plant. Spelt is a cousin to wheat and has been cultivated in the Middle East for just as long, from at least 5000 B.C. according to archae... Read More »