When will Lana Del Rey release her US tour dates?

Answer So far up until July she's booked completely in other countries. She's never done a full scale tour in the US, but I'm guessing its gonna be soon. Just join the mailing list on her website, it'll k... Read More »

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Your fiancee just left for BCT in fort knox When he finds out when his 12 month tour of duty will be will he also find out when his leave dates are so we can plan our wedding for next January?

How to Make a Dates and Pistachios Rollada (Rolled Dates With Pistachios)?

A delicious Moroccan desert to serve with fresh mint tea, keep in the fridge and cut slices to serve on a plate when you have guests, yummy...

I am looking for a tour agency for Switzerland tour that is cheap. Any help please?

Cheap and Switzerland don't go together in the same sentenceWhy don't you try this, competitive prices…And that will beat a local tour agency which employe... Read More »

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