What is flash paper for magic?

Answer Flash paper gives magicians the ability to cause an instantaneous flash of fire during a performance. It is used to distract the audience from a catching a particular slight of hand or other tricke... Read More »

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Where to Find Magic Flash Paper for Tricks?

Magicians often cause shock and amazement by making flames appear in their hands, shoot from their fingertips, or start out of nowhere in thin air. While the actual motions of these tricks are secr... Read More »

I have a term paper saved in MY DOCUMENTS on MY COMPUTER. How do I save the paper to my flash/jump drive?

open mycomputer> Your jump drive.Drag the file from my documents to your jump drive. Remove your jump driveplug it back in and check to see if the file is on it.This is all arbitrary though-- you c... Read More »

How to Do a Three Paper Ring Magic Trick?

The three paper rings magic trick is a dramatic magician's trick that can fool even the smartest of audiences when done well.

How to Make a Paper Magic Ball?

A magic ball is a beautiful object. It is hard to resist touching the intricate folds on its surface. When it is picked up, the magic begins. The ball changes shape in your hands. It can even be... Read More »