What is flan?

Answer Flan is a desert custard dish similar to crème Caramel typically made with eggs, milk, vanilla and a caramel coating. It is very popular in South America, Mexico and the United States. The dish is... Read More »

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What is a flan pan?

A flan pan is used to prepare flan, a sugary caramel pudding dessert popular in Latin American cuisine. A basic pan is small and round with high sides to hold the batter in a pool of water for cook... Read More »

How to Make Flan?

Flan is an extremely popular dessert in most Hispanic countries. It is easy to make nutritious and delicious dessert. But many people get allergic reactions from eating this. So don't try it if you... Read More »

Why can't you use two percent milk in flan?

yes, you can use 2% or no fat milk either one if you want. It just doesn't have any of the richness that using whole or better milk gives. You could use water or soy or what ever other milk you wis... Read More »

Can flan pan be used for making pies?

Yes they can, a flan is just an open pieDune