What is flamingo flocking?

Answer Flamingo flocking is a form of fundraising that involves placing large numbers of plastic flamingos on private property in an attempt to get money. Church groups, youth groups and academic and spor... Read More »

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What is a flamingo?

The flamingo is a type of large bird, which scientists sometimes refer to as Phoenicopterus ruber. A member of the Ciconiiformes order of birds, the flamingo is distantly related to storks, herons ... Read More »

What phylum is the flamingo in?

According to, the flamingo belongs to the "Chordata" phylum. The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology explains that animals in this phylum have a rod-like structure that extend... Read More »

What is a James's flamingo?

The James's flamingo, also called the puna flamingo or chururu, inhabits highland lakes in western South America. Though not endangered, the bird is difficult to locate in the wild due to its restr... Read More »

What is the Flamingo Gardens in Florida?

Flamingo Gardens is a 60-acre southeast Florida attraction consisting of botanical gardens, wildlife exhibits, a historic home and aviary. It is located between Interstate 75 and Interstate 95 in t... Read More »