What is flag etiquette?

Answer Flag etiquette dictates how the United States flag should be handled and how it should not be used. It is important to know how to display a flag indoors and outdoors, understand how to properly ra... Read More »

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Flag Etiquette and Weather?

Federal codes dictate the use and treatment of the U.S. flag. These guidelines regulate every scenario from how to hoist Old Glory during periods of morning, when to salute passing flags and where ... Read More »

Flag Etiquette for Remembrance Day?

Flag etiquette is a serious matter in Remembrance Day or Veterans Day observances as a way of honoring the sacrifices of soldiers by their countrymen. In some countries, the flag is flown at half-s... Read More »

California Flag Etiquette?

Like all state and national flags, the California flag must be treated with a special respect. Understanding California flag etiquette is the first step toward making sure the flag is always treate... Read More »

Etiquette to Retire a Flag?

According to federal law, retiring U.S. flags that are torn and tattered requires certain procedures that demonstrate respect for the flag as a symbol of the country. Individuals may dispose of fla... Read More »