Since August I have had the flu 4x's. What would be the reason for getting it so many times?

Answer Difficult to say with out a little more information. Generally recurrent illness is often caused by the presence of a chronic disease process so in the case of upper respiratory tract infections ... Read More »

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What relationship to you is the son of the son of your grandfather five times removed?

You can't have a grandfather 5 times removed. You could have a 5Great grandfather. In which case the relationship would be your 3Great Grandfather.

Who was the first golfer to win the PGA Championship five times?

According to, Walter Hagen was the first golfer to win the PGA Championship five times. Hagen won the PGA Championship five times in total, first in 1921, followed by four consecutive title... Read More »

Activities With the Five Times Tables?

Key aspects of a child's developmental years are her ability to grasp abstract concepts and to solve basic mathematical problems. While tests and worksheets might train a student in the practice of... Read More »

Would a hyper polyglot glossolalia of 21 times 5 be the worlds greatest hyper polyglot five times the native dance hand sign form pure hand only letter form music forms vocal instrumental?

Vogon Poetry is not allowed on this site; as it could cause someone to chew off their leg in order to slide under their computer desk and escape.See related links.