What is fish bone called?

Answer If its for gardening then it's called bonemeal. Otherwise fish bones. Fish meal is an organic fertilizer with a value of 5-2-2.Bone meal is an organic fertilizer with a value of 4-12-0.

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How to Do a Fish Bone Little Girl's Hairstyle?

A fish bone braid, often called a fishtail or herringbone, is an elaborate hairstyle that other little girls will wish to duplicate. The style works best with medium length to long hair, and the ap... Read More »

Can swallowing a small fish bone cause botulism?

It's not very likely to, particularly if it is cooked.Chetak

How do i remove a small fish bone from inside my throat without going to the e.r..?

dont eat dinner at chucks house and that wont happen!

What is the smallest bone in your body called?

The smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup bone located inside the ear. It's a U-shaped bone that passes vibrations to the cochlea. It measures .25 to .3 centimeters long.Source:American Bo... Read More »