What is fish bone called?

Answer If its for gardening then it's called bonemeal. Otherwise fish bones. Fish meal is an organic fertilizer with a value of 5-2-2.Bone meal is an organic fertilizer with a value of 4-12-0.

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What is the smallest bone in your body called?

The smallest bone in the human body is the stirrup bone located inside the ear. It's a U-shaped bone that passes vibrations to the cochlea. It measures .25 to .3 centimeters long.Source:American Bo... Read More »

Do you know what it is called if one bone in your wrist is longer than the other?

Deb - The only thing I was able to find is something called "Kienbock's Disease. This is a portion of what the article says about it:There are several possible causes for Kienbock's Disease, but t... Read More »

How to Do a Fish Bone Little Girl's Hairstyle?

A fish bone braid, often called a fishtail or herringbone, is an elaborate hairstyle that other little girls will wish to duplicate. The style works best with medium length to long hair, and the ap... Read More »

Can swallowing a small fish bone cause botulism?

It's not very likely to, particularly if it is cooked.Chetak