What is fiscal policy&monetary policy?

Answer Fiscal and monetary policy refer to two classes of economic policy that governments and central banks have at their disposal. Fiscal policy involves government use of its budget to affect the econo... Read More »

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What is the difference between fiscal&monetary policy?

One of the functions of government is to facilitate a healthy economy. Its two most effective tools for the task are fiscal policy and monetary policy. The two terms are often confused, but in fact... Read More »

What Are the Four Most Important Limitations of Fiscal Policy?

Fiscal policy is the government's use of budgets to encourage economic growth, business activity and job creation. Budgets are in surplus if revenues exceed expenditures, and are in deficit if expe... Read More »

Fiscal & Monetary Policy?

Fiscal and monetary policy are related, yet highly distinct concepts. One important distinction is between the agents who make policy. Monetary policy is not set by the government, but by bankers s... Read More »

Fiscal Vs. Economic Policy?

Even in capitalist, market-driven economies such as the United States, the government plays a significant role in guiding the economy. Economic policy is a broad term used to cover a range of other... Read More »