Is it possible to set water on fire?

Answer It is not possible with water and no other additives.

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Water Fire Extinguisher Uses?

A water-based fire extinguisher uses a combination of water and compressed air to put out fires. It accomplishes this by reducing the temperature of burning materials below the point of combustion.... Read More »

Can hot water heaters cause a fire?

If not properly maintained, a hot water heater can cause a fire. Always have a professional do regular maintenance on your hot water heater and keep objects 3 to 4 feet away from the appliance to p... Read More »

What is in water that extinguishes fire?

There is no substance in water that causes it to put out fires. Rather, water puts out fires through two actions. First, it cuts off the supply of oxygen needed for the fire to burn. Second, it low... Read More »

Colors for Earth, Air, Fire and Water?

In many world philosophies, including ancient Greece and Egyptian, there are four main elements that are thought to form the basis for the natural world. These classical elements are earth, air, fi... Read More »