What is fios tv extreme hd?

Answer FiOS Extreme HD is a subscription television service offered by Verizon. It offers standard definition and high definition television services for subscribers in the northeastern United States. Ext... Read More »

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How maximum front wheels of an automobile can turn from extreme left to extreme right?

Question is not clear.Please ask in details - what you want to know ? The TECHNOLOGY behind it or what ?Here is the crude formularadius=track/2+wheelbase/sin(average steer angle)This does not defin... Read More »

Verizon FiOS?

My city (research triangle) just got all re-wired for VoIS from Verizon, so I'm really all excited to finally get the best and fasted!!

How to Get FiOS Equipment?

FiOS by Verizon is a residential service providing high-speed Internet, digital television and digital phone calling. These services can come in what's called a triple play package or separate bund... Read More »

Is TV direct better than FIOS?

Both Direct TV and FIOS have their advantages. Which is better is dependent on your needs. Both Direct TV & FIOS offer many economical 'bundle' packages that include phone & internet service. Both ... Read More »