How to Learn Finite Math If You've Never Taken Algebra?

Answer Finite mathematics is a large field of math, and while many areas are strongly connected to algebra and require a background in algebra, students of finite mathematics do not necessarily need to ha... Read More »

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How to Solve Sets in Finite Math?

Set notation can be intimidating, but it is more simple than it seems. You must practice set operations until you understand it on a gut level. You can accomplish this by practicing set exercises u... Read More »

What is a finite number?

A finite number is a mathematical term that refers to a number that can be measured or given a value. For example, eight, 15 and a million are all finite numbers. In contrast, infinity is not a fin... Read More »

What is finite control volume?

According to "Finite Volume Methods," the "finite volume method is a discretization method ... for the numerical simulation of various types ... of conservation laws." The finite control volume is ... Read More »

How to Identify the Set as Finite or Infinite?

If you have a data set, it is either finite or infinite. A finite data set has a beginning and an end. With a finite set you can list every single possible number in the set. However, if you have a... Read More »