What is financial responsibility?

Answer The essence of financial responsibility is figuring out how to live within your means--taking care of yourself and your family without imposing on others--then sticking to whatever limits that requ... Read More »

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What Is the Groom's Financial Responsibility for a Wedding?

A wedding will probably be the largest party you ever throw. And probably the most expensive. It is the responsibility of the bridal couple to plan the celebration that best fits their dreams and p... Read More »

What Is the Financial Responsibility Limit in California?

The state of California has an obligatory financial responsibility law that requires every driver and/or owner of a vehicle to prove their ability to pay for damages at the time they are involved i... Read More »

What is the financial responsibility of a legal guardian?

When a parent is unable to properly raise a child, the best substitute is a legal guardian. A legal guardian assumes legal custody of the child, as well as financial responsibility for the child.Pr... Read More »

What is the financial responsibility of California condo owner in earthquakes?

You can find the answer you need in your governing documents.California's condominium law may define default lines of ownership, indicating where a unit owner's ownership ends and the condominium a... Read More »