Does Comcast use fiber-optics?

Answer Comcast introduced fiber-optic high-speed Internet to Minneapolis and Saint Paul in 2008. Comcast spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating one of the fastest fiber-optic networks in America, ... Read More »

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How to Use Fiber Optics for Art Lighting?

Fiber-optics are long narrow translucent tubes that can carry light. The light is emitted through an opening at the end of the tube, creating a very small point of light and at the same time light ... Read More »

Fiber optics vs digital?

If you mean that homes an businesses are switching to fiber optic TV and Internet, it is because fiber optic internet is generally quite a lot faster. The TV provider is most or less just not the i... Read More »

About fiber optics internet?

Hi,I don't think you need a modem for a broadband connection. All you need is a Wi-Fi router which will allow you to get web connectivity in a wireless way in your house. Use Linksys router from ci... Read More »

Fiber optics audio. Home theater?

These days TV mfgrs have chosen to do away with many analog options for connectivity - the audio outputs being a prime example. It is in fact very likely that your new LG has only Toslink (TOShiba-... Read More »