What is the difference between fast pitch&slow pitch bats?

Answer The difference between fast pitch and slow pitch bats is marginal but significant in games due to the speed of the incoming pitch. Some fast pitch leagues do not allow slow pitch bats to be used, a... Read More »

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What are 5 facts about typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever facts:--* Typhoid fever usually is caused by Salmonellae typhi bacteria.* Typhoid fever is contracted by the ingestion of contaminated food or water.* Diagnosis of typhoid fever is ma... Read More »

What do you do about a fever that refuses to go away :)?

A fever that lasts more than three days can indicate an infection. Take tylenol, advil or someother pain reliever to help with the icky feeling. Now is the time to see a doctor. Even if you don't w... Read More »

Can I learn Perfect Pitch (absolute pitch), or do I have to be born with it?

Newsflash: You CAN learn it.There probably is a gene (or group of genes) that controls perfect pitch, but they only provide the proclivity for it. It's like muscle building, in a way: some people r... Read More »

Can you use fast pitch softball bats for slow pitch?

Fast-pitch softball bats tend to be lighter and the barrel longer in proportion to the length than slow-pitch bats. Therefore, it is not recommended to use fast-pitch bats in a slow-pitch game, as ... Read More »