What is feta cheese made out of?

Answer The other are right but most is made with cows milks now, you can find Greek goat feta, sheeps milk is generally from Bulgaria, it is made like most other cheese except it is press and the preserve... Read More »

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Is feta cheese made from goats?

Feta cheese is traditional Greek cheese made from ewes’ milk or ewes’ milk mixed with goats’ milk. The cheese is white and soft. It is sliced, sprinkled with salt and covered with brine or oi... Read More »

Is feta cheese made of goat's or cow's milk?

Feta cheese can be made from goat’s or cow’s milk, but the most traditional way is with sheep’s milk. Feta, which originated in Greece, is a crumbly white cheese that is sometimes stored in a... Read More »

What is the difference between goat cheese&feta cheese?

Feta and goat cheese are often confused. Some believe they are interchangeable. Although both cheeses have a similar flavor, color and texture, the biggest difference between them is the source o... Read More »

Is feta cheese goat cheese?

Long ago, feta cheese was made using goat's (or sheep's) milk. However, most commercially-made feta cheese is now manufactured using pasteurized cow milk. After curled milk is drained and separated... Read More »