What is felony DUI in Kentucky?

Answer Driving while under the influence, or DUI, is a very serious crime. Penalties for this crime vary by state. Kentucky, for example, has a specific definition and punishment for felony DUI.StatuteKen... Read More »

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How to Expunge a Felony Record in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, expungement is the legal process you can use to petition the court to seal felony arrest information and court records, if you are acquitted (found not guilty) of the charges or the ch... Read More »

How do I remove a first-time felony charge for an unregistered gun in Kentucky?

EligibilityDetermine the original court ruling on your unregistered gun charge. If you were found not guilty or the charge was dismissed, the charge is eligible for removal. Request a criminal reco... Read More »

In the State of Arkansas can you adopt if your husband has a felony or is currently on felony probation for attempted murder?

In Jefferson County NY, for an uncontested step-parent adoption, I was quoted $1500 + the $150 fee for the home study. Relatively cheap compared to what I've researched in other states. Good luck!

In the State of Idaho can you adopt if your husband has a felony or is currently on felony probation?

That depends on the agency and the felony he committed.. Even if the adoption agency bylaws allow it, the biological parents may make it a stipulation that they do not want a person who has a recor... Read More »