What is federal debt?

Answer Federal debt is money borrowed by the federal government from various sources. The federal government issues Treasury bills and bonds to debt-holders, in exchange for their money.DefinitionThe Whit... Read More »

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When is federal tax debt uncollectible?

Many people are burdened with federal taxes, some of which they cannot pay. For some suffering at an extreme level, tax debts can be classified as uncollectible, or an "undue hardship" case.AssetsI... Read More »

How much of our federal income tax goes to pay national debt?

About ten cents of every tax dollar is spent on servicing the national debt. As of May 2010, the government has spent $224 billion on interest payments for the national debt.References:Federal Budg... Read More »

Can debt collectors call federal employees at work?

58,228 US civilians and military personnel were killed in the Vietnam War.

Pros & Cons of Federal Debt Management Services?

While America is home to many debt management companies, federally administered debt management services don't exist. There is a company based in Florida named Federal Debt Management Services that... Read More »