What is faux sealing wax?

Answer Faux sealing wax is a plastic polymer that one can use in a glue gun. It closely resembles the wax emblems used to sign letters and seal envelopes. Unlike regular sealing wax, faux sealing wax will... Read More »

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Can you use rubber stamps for sealing letters with sealing wax?

You can use rubber stamps for making impressions in sealing wax. To do so properly, make sure that the wax is hot and press the stamp firmly down onto it. For a clear impression, don't move the sta... Read More »

What is sealing wax?

Sealing wax has been used for hundreds of years for sealing open-ended envelopes. Though somewhat old-fashioned, this method is still used today and the sealing wax industry continues. While we onc... Read More »

What is bottling sealing wax made of?

Bottle sealing wax may be made of a variety of ingredients, including pine resin, ground limestone, lacquer and a dye to provide color. Cochineal, a traditional red dye, was once used to achieve re... Read More »

What is the cost of sealing a driveway?

The cost of sealing a driveway generally depends on the square footage of your driveway. The average cost for sealing a driveway can be anywhere from 10 cents to 16 cents per square foot. Some cont... Read More »