What is fatsia japonica?

Answer Fatsia japonica, commonly known as Japanese aralia, is a tropical shrub that grows well outdoors in U.S. Hardiness Zones 8 through 10, and as an exotic houseplant elsewhere. Fatsia is a member of t... Read More »

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How to Prune a Fatsia?

Fatsia shrubs grow in mild and warm climates where temperatures don't drop below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The plants reach up to 10 feet, though careful pruning can maintain them at a smaller, more c... Read More »

Camellia Japonica Styles?

Camellia japonica is a broadleaved Asian evergreen cultivated for its colorful flowers in a variety of styles. Wild camellia flowers are single. Years of intensive breeding have produced the flower... Read More »

How do I prune a camellia japonica?

Prune for HealthPromote healthy growth of the camellia japonica plant by removing any branches that have died or show signs of disease. Light annual pruning should be done after the camellia flower... Read More »

How do I feed japonica shrubs?

Determine Feeding ScheduleCreate a fertilization schedule for your japonica shrub. Feed your japonica according to schedule; consult your fertilizer product and the requirements of your particular ... Read More »