What is faster: an earthworm or a snail?

Answer In the Guinness Gastropod Championships, the fastest snail raced to the finish line at a speed of 0.24 cm per second. Large earthworms move at 2 cm per second, nearly nine times that of the snail.S... Read More »

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Which Is Faster: an Earthworm or a Snail?

It is a question that may have troubled many people for a good part of their lives. They want to know, if there were a race between two ubiquitous garden denizens -- the earthworm and the snail --... Read More »

What is the origin of the earthworm?

Scientists have not yet uncovered the definitive origins of the earthworm. However, the research of developmental biologist Rudolf Raff suggests that the earthworm shares a common ancestor with art... Read More »

What order is the earthworm in?

All of the approximately 1,800 species of earthworms found throughout the world belong to the order Oligochaeta, class Chaetopoda, phylum Annelida (the segmented worms). The family Lumbricidae with... Read More »

What is the nephridia in the earthworm?

When a passerby finds a worm wriggling in the dirt, the first thought is usually of animals that feast on these creatures, such as fish and birds. However, many may not realize that worms eat as we... Read More »