I made a fake facebook and made a girl fall inlove with me. I don't know what do do?

Answer just stop doing all those cute things that she likes and slowly start being an asshole and make her stop liking you. but whatever you do DO NOT insult her, just have an attitude and act like your n... Read More »

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Someone made a fake of me?

Tell your friends and other people that someone have made a fake of you so whatever has been said, it wasn't you, you need to be careful and whoever made the must be someone you know,... Read More »

How is fake fur made?

Fake fur is increasingly popular, as it conveys the elegance of real fur without the sacrifice of endangered species. In 1929, imitation fur was first made using hair from the alpaca, a South Ameri... Read More »

Fake ciggarettes made from tea /:?

You cant get addicted to that however it is bad for your lungs since its breathing in smoke particles that stay in your lungs just the same as smoking ciggarettes or weed would do it leaves **** in... Read More »

What are fake opals made from?