What is faculative reinsurance?

Answer A policy where the original (principal) insurer determines the level of risk it should maintian on any one policy, while the principal insurer will ask to share the remaining risk with a third part... Read More »

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How to Process Reinsurance?

Reinsurance is the little-known underpinning that keeps the insurance industry profitable. Reinsurance is insurance companies sharing the responsibility to payout policy benefits and share collecte... Read More »

The Differences Between Insurance and Reinsurance?

Insurance and reinsurance provide financial protection to an individual or company to guard against risk. They both allow for the transfer of potential loss from one entity to another in exchange f... Read More »

What is follow the actions clause in reinsurance?

Answer "Follow-the-fortunes" is a fundamental doctrine of reinsurance which provides generally that a reinsurer must follow the underwriting fortunes of its cedant (reinsured) and is thus bound by ... Read More »

In India What products are offered by reinsurance companies?

No, it does not. It is in the category of Middle East/North Africa due to health risks in Egypt. This requires a different Travel Insurance Premium.

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