What is face-detection on camcorders?

Answer Hmmm. Face detection. What do you think it does?? Just take a wild guess based on the name and you will probably answer your own question...

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What's Canon's Face Detection Technology?

It just picks out the nearest object and locks in on that, assuming it is the face of the main subject. The LCD will show a frame around what it thinks is the face and if you agree with the camera... Read More »

How face detection technology of Canon is different from that of Sony?

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In camcorders 10x optical zoom Camera is costlier than 40x camcorders anybody can clarify this?

Cameras that employ a large zoom ratio do not have as many imaging pixels as cameras with a smaller zoom ratio.Cameras supporting higher resolution and HDTV require a lens that produces a better im... Read More »

Will mooning (explosing your bum) to a smile-detection camera active smile detection?

As far as I can tell, smile-detectors look for two dots on top (eyes), a faint veritcal line (nose) and a horizontal line (mouth.) Most people have the vertical line, but unless you have really pr... Read More »