Causes of Mass Extinction?

Answer Sadly, the number of species that will become extinct because of global warming is expected to soar in the 21st century. But the stage has not yet been reached for mass extinctions. Those that have... Read More »

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Which of these could possibly lead to an extinction?

Which of what? I can't answer your question if it's vague like this.

What Are the Endangered Species & How Can We Protect Them From Extinction?

Endangered species face an immediate threat of extinction and require protection to avoid that fate. Many species are considered endangered when their adult population is under 2,500 and a 50 perce... Read More »

How to Do Your Part to Prevent Animal Extinction?

The most common cause of animal extinction in recent times is the raising demands of humans for animal and other natural products.Sooner or later we may have almost everything that has been an impo... Read More »

Could adaption possibly lead to extinction?

by decreasing the amount of brain cells you have