What is external respiration?

Answer The term "external respiration" refers to the mechanics of breathing, according to This inhalation and expiration regulates the amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood.T... Read More »

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External Respiration Definition?

External respiration is the process by which all living things exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with their environments and is commonly known as breathing. In animals the process is oxygen absorp... Read More »

How can I make a 6v external battery pack for Olympus E10 I'm thinking of using a UB645 6v 4.5 Ah battery connected to my external power jack.?

Sounds like it's possible, but without more information on the specific camera battery and the UB645 battery, there's a chance things `might` go wrong.But if you're wondering if it can be done, yes... Read More »

Muscle Respiration?

Running, digesting, breathing and pumping blood are all actions that are possible because of muscles. Those muscles move because of the microscopic process of respiration that occurs in their cells... Read More »

How is fermentation different from respiration?

Aerobic respiration and fermentation are methods for cells to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from glucose. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen and employs an electron transport chain to yield... Read More »