What is experimental play for children?

Answer In my personal opinion experimental play happens all the time. Rather a child is exploring a toy for the first time or building the same block structure over and over again. It too consist of a lot... Read More »

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How to Set Up an Experimental Design?

Experimental designs are widely used methods for scientific experiments. There are two different types of experimental design: randomized (true) experimental and quasi-experimental. Randomized or t... Read More »

Experimental Education Degrees?

Experimental education is a form of education that teaches through different means, like through experience, videos and other unique forms of teaching, which encourages students to learn and think ... Read More »

Is there an experimental car that gets 300 miles per gallon?

In 2007, Aptera unveiled plans for an experimental hybrid car that would get 300 miles or more per gallon. The car was supposed to be available by 2008. As of 2010, the production of the Aptera Hyb... Read More »

How to Obtain the Experimental M.I.R.V. in Fallout 3?

The most destructive weapon in Fallout 3... the Experimental MIRVIn Fallout 3, there are many destructive weapons available to you with which you can dominate your enemies. But nothing screams over... Read More »