What is experiencing symptoms of pregnancy when you're not pregnant?

Answer It is called a Phantom pregnancy.

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What symptoms should you be experiencing at three months pregnant?

Answer Morning sickness, weird cravings. Answer There are no set symptoms you should be experiencing hun. It is different in every pregnant woman. :-)

Is it possible to be pregnant and not be experiencing any symptoms like breast soreness?

Answer It is possible, but you should take a test or go see a doctor so you know for sure one way or the other. It doesn't usually happen without any symptoms, but it can. And if you are having a... Read More »

Could you be experiencing premenstrual asthma symptoms but still be pregnant?

Answer You can experience PMS symptoms and be pregnant yes. But if you get your period then you aren't pregnant.

Can you be pregnant if you have had flu like symptoms and are experiencing spotting ten days before your period is due?

Answer It is very possible. The spotting could be a result of implantation bleeding which can occur as soon as 7 days after conception. Good luck!