How come i can see better after alot of exertion in the blistering sun at almost 100 degrees?

Answer Are you dehydrated? Dehydration decreases intraocular pressure.

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What is the remedy for exertion induced heart burn?

Exertion may trigger it, but it doesn't cause it.Heartburn is caused by dehydration.People think of the pancreas as the organ that produces insulin. While it does that, it also produces a bicarbona... Read More »

What are some exercises I can do to get in shape, that don't require physical exertion or moving around much?

Honey that arm that works the remote is getting a very good workoutDon't sweat it!

Is becoming out of breath with any kind of exertion and being tired all the time normal for someone with asthma?

AnswerYes, if you don't have it under control. My ex-wife was like that until she started treated right. Talk to your Doc. Theres new meds now that help keep it under control - less use of an inhal... Read More »

Does anyone know a home-made remedy for removing odour from smelly trainers/football boots after exertion?

old pair of tights, cut them in half and tie the ends then fill with crushed burnt toast and put inside the tights then tie. put one in each shoe by morning it should be de-ordorised

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