What is exclusive common element as regards condominiums?

Answer Answering your question is difficult, since there is no context for the phrase 'exclusive common element'. However, the phrase may refer to a common element that's use is dedicated to a single owne... Read More »

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In HOA what do common element and limited common element mean?

Read your governing documents for the particulars in your association, but generally: common element -- for the use and benefit of 100% of the owners pool, golf course, common roadway, landscape;li... Read More »

Is a lawn considered a common area in condominiums?

Read your governing documents to determine the extent of the lawn common area, and which, if any, portions of lawn are under the care and maintenance of individual owners. There is no standard.

What is the Illinois law regarding smoking in common condominiums area?

Regardless of the state law -- unless it gives you unmitigated entitlement to smoke anywhere you like -- your governing documents determine smoke-free areas within the community.

Is the common area of condominiums considered public as far as the building code goes?

Common area is the terminology used to describe real estate assets owned by a common interest community, owned in common by all owners, as opposed to assets completed owned by individual member own... Read More »