What is the difference between distillation&evaporation?

Answer Although distillation and evaporation both involve liquid vapor, the two processes are different. Both processes are recreated by humans for separate purposes and are important to everyday life.Dis... Read More »

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What is the average rate of evaporation of an outdoor pool?

Answer It depends a lot on the temperature and humidity. Here in Southern Arizona it is 110 degrees and 10% humidity (hot and dry) right now, and my pool loses about an inch every three days or so.... Read More »

What effect does barometric pressure have on evaporation?

If air (barometric) pressure increases, the evaporation rate decreases. Lower barometric pressure results in quicker evaporation. It is assumed that with a change in barometric pressure, temperatur... Read More »

Evaporation in Soil?

The process of turning water from the liquid form to vapor is known as evaporation. When the water is contained in the soil it is sometimes known as soil evaporation. This constitutes the loss of ... Read More »

Dry Ice Evaporation Experiments?

Dry ice is compressed and frozen carbon dioxide. At room temperature, it turns from a solid directly into a gas without going through a liquid state. This is very useful for shipping items that nee... Read More »