Would you consider passive euthanasia to be less ethical than active euthanasia?

Answer IMO, withholding nourishment is not euthanasia; it's torture. People that withhold nourishment should be executed.

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How do you feel about euthanasia?

It seems that all too often, a critically ill ( dieing ) patient, is kept alive more for the sake of the family than for the sake of the patient. If a person is of sound mind and has indicated tha... Read More »

Do you belive in euthanasia?

This should be a personal choice. If someone is suffering there should be the option for the person to end it in a humane manner. However, if the person is no longer mentally capable to make such... Read More »

Euthanasia in switzerland?

Euthanasia is definitely illegal in Switzerland, don't ask again. Something else is "accompanied dying" (suicide, to make it clear) which is available for people with an illness in its last stage o... Read More »

What is the cost of pet euthanasia and cremation?

Any dog, even well-trained ones, can attack if they are scared or feel threatened.