What is the density of diethyl ether?

Answer According to, the density of diethyl ether is 7.13780E-01 g/cm3. states that it is extremely flammable and the vapors are explosive. It is poisonous if ingested ... Read More »

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What is the chemical formula for ether?

Ethers have a general chemical formula of ROR' where R and R' are chemical groups composed of hydrogen and carbon. These groups are called alkynes. Diethyl ether, generally known simply as "ether,"... Read More »

What is the chemical formula for petroleum ether?

Petroleum ether is not a true ether, but a mixture of heptane, hexane, 2-methylpentane, pentane and isopentane, according to Mallinckrodt Baker. The chemical formula for heptane is C7H16. The chemi... Read More »

When was ether discovered?

MSDS Information for Diphenyl Ether?

MSDS (or Material Safety Data Sheet) lists the physical, chemical and other properties of a substance. It is common in workplaces and provides essential information to emergency personnel and worke... Read More »