Can i put ethanol gas in my car?

Answer On One Hand: Ethanol Seems Like a Good IdeaEthanol is a domestic alternative fuel that costs less than gasoline. Most vehicles can run on up to 15 percent ethanol fuel without a problem. All Americ... Read More »

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What is e85 ethanol?

E85 ethanol provides an alternative to traditional gasoline. It has many advantages over traditional gasoline, but it also has a few distinct downsides.DefinitionE85 ethanol is a mixture of ethanol... Read More »

Effects of Ethanol on Ice?

Ice contains low friction, which makes ice useful to ice skaters and dangerous to motorists. Scientists have observed significant activities with ice at lower temperatures, including the phenomenon... Read More »

How to Add Ethanol to Gasoline?

Ethanol or grain alcohol, is the naturally manufactured version of methanol, or wood alcohol. They both have the exact same properties, except that ethanol is made with renewable fuel resources, an... Read More »

Information on E85 Ethanol?

E85 ethanol is a renewable fuel produced to help reduce dependence on foreign oil. With between 6 million and 7 million E85-compatible vehicles on the road in the United States, this could become a... Read More »