What is erb's paralysis?

Answer injury to the upper trunk of brachial plexus there are 8 nerve meet at erb's point

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Am I having sleep paralysis?

Lucid dreams are fine. Rare but fine. And yes it was sleep paralysis. Nothing to worry about at all. Being unable to move or speak are signs of that. You're fine though.

Ever had sleep paralysis before?

oh gosh yes! It happens wen I sleep on my back it's like im aware im awake but maybe im dreaming? It's so scary because i cannot move or speak and sometimes I see evil things. I try not to sleep on... Read More »

Do you pronounce "herbs" as erbs or herbs?

Where I'm from (New England), we ALWAYS say "erbs" (as in "erbs and spices"). In fact, I don't recall ever hearing someone even on television pronounce the "h." However, I think in other English-s... Read More »

Sleep paralysis happening often?

This is a phenomenon that most people have experienced and usually outgrow. But it comes back once in a while throughout your life. I'm 72 and I had a nightmare the other night and ended up falling... Read More »