What is equity method in a financial statement?

Answer Investments in equity securities can be accounted for in the financial statements in a variety of methods, depending on the specific investment being made. One of these methods is the equity method... Read More »

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When Would a Fair Value Method Be More Appropriate Than the Equity Method?

When determining the value of an investment to be reported on the financial statements, you must make a choice between the fair value method and the equity method. The Financial Accounting Standard... Read More »

Definition of a Statement of Changes in Equity?

A statement of changes in equity can be created for sole proprietorships, partnerships or corporations. Sole proprietorships and partnerships follow a similar format for their statements of changes... Read More »

How to Use the Statement of Owner's Equity?

A statement of owner's equity is a very common financial statement used by most companies. This statement shows all owners of a business the amount of equity they began the period with, any changes... Read More »

What Can Be Found on a Statement of Stockholders' Equity?

Found on a company's balance sheet, stockholders' equity (also called shareholders' equity) is a measure of how much a firm's operations are funded through common stock, preferred stock and retaine... Read More »