About Epiphone Guitars?

Answer Epiphone guitars have a long history within the world of music, dating back over 80 years. Famous musicians such as John Lee Hooker, John Lennon, Lenny Kravitz, Noel Gallagher and Country superstar... Read More »

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Epiphone serial number help!?

That's a China made Epiphone Les Paul. Other legit serial numbers has a single letter and then followed by numbers.Like this - I04031245“I” = Factory/Country“04″ = Year of Manufacture (2004... Read More »

Epiphone Elitist SG Instruments?

The Epiphone Guitar Company is very proud of its Elitist SG series of guitars. The Elitist '61 SG has won "Guitar One Magazine"'s Award of Excellence in 2003. This guitar is a reissue of the 1961 S... Read More »

Where are Epiphone guitars manufactured?

Epiphone is a subsidiary of Gibson Guitars, a company which is based in Nashville. However, in 2002, the company opened a branch called Qingdao Gibson near Qingdao, China. The factory there is now ... Read More »

Where are epiphone guitars made?

In October 2002, Epiphone Musical Instruments opened a new factory near Qingdao, China, solely for the manufacturing of Epiphone guitars. In addition, the company manufactures guitars in Nashville ... Read More »