What is employee productivity?

Answer Employee productivity is a business term used by employers to define the rate of goods or serviced produced by employees within an organization.SelectionEmployers use selection methods to choose ca... Read More »

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How do I evaluate employee productivity?

Set StandardsSet standards of performance for production. Understand your employees' job responsibilities and set production goals for them in a required time frame. Ask the employees for assistanc... Read More »

Manager's Behavior Effects on Productivity of Employee?

The lifeblood of any successful company is its employees, and the heart that pumps that blood is management. People in authority, from shift supervisors to the CEO, have a far-reaching impact upon ... Read More »

How to Link Employee Satisfaction With Productivity Performance & Customer Satisfaction?

Employee satisfaction has a major impact on a variety of elements of a business. Workers who are satisfied with their jobs tend to be productive, high performers, while happy employees often equate... Read More »

Is the company liable if an employee was asked to take another employee to the hospital and has an accident during the trip?

Answer In General No, The party that caused the accident is liable. However, If You were driving a company provided vehicle a the time of the accident, then the company may have some secondary fin... Read More »