What is email stationery?

Answer An e-mail is a message sent from one person to another using a computer and an Internet connection. E-mail stationery is a way of personalizing or customizing an e-mail message that you send.Identi... Read More »

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How do I add stationery to email?

AOL 9.0 VersionLocate and click on the "Write" icon on the AOL toolbar. Click on "Stationery." Locate "Add a:" and choose the background of your choice. Click on the drop-down menu and choose a cat... Read More »

How do I add music to email stationery in Outlook Express?

Click "Create Mail" to begin a new message. Click the "Format" menu, and then select "Apply Stationery." Choose the desired stationery from the list to apply it. Go to the "Format" menu again, and ... Read More »

How to Download and Use the CloudEight's Email Stationery on Mozilla Thunderbird (for Windows 7)?

Don't you wish you'd have a nice  e-mail stationery for the occasion and the every day use?  This article will explain how to download and use  the free stationery from website on... Read More »

Where is the best stationery in Switzerland?

Stationary shops are all over canton Zürich. It would help if you said specifically what it is you wanted, but Manor for sure.There is a little one in Altstetterstr near Lindenpl, and another I ha... Read More »