What is electronic check conversion?

Answer Writing checks--from filling them out to waiting for them to clear--to pay for products has always been a slow process. In recent years, faster Internet connections have resulted in electronic chec... Read More »

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Conversion to Electronic Ignition?

When restoring or upgrading certain parts on older model vehicles, one of the things often chosen to take on is the ignition. Converting a breaker-point distributor to a distributor that is trigger... Read More »

How to Install an Electronic Ignition Conversion Kit on an Aircooled Volkswagen (VW) Beetle?

CompuFireAn electronic ignition can help the VW run more reliably and maybe with a little more power. It eliminates the points-style ignition. Installation is about as easy as it gets, and the cost... Read More »

What does an"electronic check"mean?

An electronic check allows the recipient to withdraw funds from the sender's bank account without a physical check. The sender provides the receiver with the routing number, account number and amou... Read More »

What is an electronic check draft?

With an electronic check draft, individuals provide a company with permission to debit their checking or savings accounts in order to settle a bill or pay for purchased goods and services. A compan... Read More »