What is economic adaptation?

Answer Economics is a social science study on how consumers act under certain financial and market environments. Free market societies usually provide the best environment for studying economic activity a... Read More »

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What is dedination for the problems which is faced by the economic student while learning economic while learning economical studies?

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What is a cheetah's adaptation?

Cheetahs are best known for their speed; they can run 60 to 70 miles per hour. Their adaptations include long legs and a long, flexible spine, which increase the length of their strides to up to 23... Read More »

What is cellular adaptation?

Cellular adaptation is a self-induced process where changes in a cell are made in response to adverse environmental stress and stimuli. Types of cellular adaptation include shrinking (atrophy), get... Read More »

What Is Psychosocial Adaptation?

Psychosocial adaptation is a medical term used in the fields of psychology and rehabilitation. The word "psychosocial" is defined in the Dictionary of Nursing as: "involving or relating to both the... Read More »