What is early menopause?

Answer The term early menopause refers to menopause that starts before the age of 45. If menopause occurs before the age of 40, it is referred to as premature menopause. The symptoms of early menopause ar... Read More »

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What are the early menopause symptoms?

Perimenopause is the period leading up to and one year after menopause. Early menopause symptoms usually appear in the perimenopausal period. Early menopause symptoms include hot flashes and night ... Read More »

What causes early menopause?

Women who stop menstruating before age 40 are experiencing "premature menopause," says While some women will naturally go through menopause early, it can also be due to another con... Read More »

What causes early onset menopause symptoms?

Menopause, and the symptoms that accompany it, will affect all women at some point. However, certain factors will cause some women to experience the hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia and other tel... Read More »

Early Menopause & Neurofibromatosis?

Neurofibromatosis is a disease usually identified by tumor growth on the nerves. These tumors are often flesh colored warts or moles located along the spinal column, stomach and gastrointestinal tr... Read More »